About Us

We are experts in oily water separation and DAF technologies

Our History

Michael McLachlan, Managing Director of MACSEP first became involved with oily water separation and DAF technologies in the mid 1980’s when he managed the Environmental Division of Forgan Jones Company Ltd and was responsible for the “Sepa” agency in New Zealand.

In 1995 Sepa Waste Water Treatment (NZ) Ltd was incorporated and an office in Auckland, New Zealand was opened with Michael McLachlan as the Manager.  Sepa Waste Water Treatment (NZ) Ltd was a 100% owned subsidiary of Sepa Waste Water Treatment Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia.

In late 2006 the Sepa parent company in Australia was placed in liquidation and in July 2007 Michael McLachlan acquired the assets of the New Zealand subsidiary Sepa Waste Water Treatment (NZ) Ltd and incorporated a new company Sepa NZ Limited.  Sepa NZ Limited was a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company.

Sepa NZ Ltd traded under the name Sepa NZ up until February 2012 when an Australian entity successfully registered the word “Sepa” as a word mark in New Zealand.  During that same month Sepa NZ Limited was renamed MACSEP Limited so as to avoid possible confusion for suppliers and customers.

Our Capability

We are an industrial waste water treatment company specialising in oily water separation and dissolved air flotation (DAF) technologies.  MACSEP personnel have over 20 years experience in the supply of those technologies to the New Zealand market and the design and build of waste water treatment plants.

As well as supplying technology from leading overseas manufacturers, MACSEP manufacture our own range of small oil separators and ancillary equipment in New Zealand.

Our Philosophy

Michael McLachlan

Michael McLachlan, Managing Director MACSEP Limited

MACSEP’s philosophy is to provide best practice solutions for the treatment of contaminated storm water and industrial waste water utilizing proven technologies manufactured by MACSEP in New Zealand or trusted overseas suppliers.

Michael McLachlan
Managing Director
MACSEP Limited