Oily Water Separators

Oily Water Separators

Oily Water Separators

MACSEP Limited manufactures and supplies a range of enhanced gravity type oil water separators which are sometimes referred to as tilted plate interceptors (TPI).  The effectiveness of a gravity type oil water separator depends on its net separation surface.  MACSEP’s oil water separators utilise one or more packs of tilted parallel plates to provide a large increase in projected surface area.

The plate packs in a MACSEP oil water separator contain stainless steel flat plates inclined at either 45 degrees or 60 degrees and the plate packs are removable and interchangeable.  Plate packs of flat plates suffer less from fouling are easier to clean than the corrugated plates found in corrugated plate interceptors (CPI).  The use of high pressure cleaners to clean the plate pack(s) will not damage stainless steel plates in the same way that they may damage fibreglass or polypropylene plates. Typically stainless steel plates are more robust and will have a much higher life span than fibreglass or polypropylene plates.

While the stainless steel plates also act as an effective coalescing media, there is sufficient projected plate area in MACSEP oil water separator to meet the desired performance requirements without relying on the benefits of coalescing.  The coalescing of oil droplets on the underneath surface of the plates however does occur and further enhances performance of the oil water separator.

MACSEP oil water separators include a flow distribution baffle and screen (removable) to ensure that the flow is evenly and uniformly distributed to the entrance of the plate pack, large sludge settling zone, sludge drains and dual oil skimming weirs.

An integral waste oil tank with a high level alarm is standard on many models as are lids and inspection ports/hatches.

Standard material of construction for a MACSEP oil water separator, plates packs and oil tank are either 304 or 316 stainless steel but other materials material options such as Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels, painted carbon steel and painted stainless steel are available.

MACSEP oil water separators are built to order so can be customised to suit customer requirements. MACSEP can supply a complete oil water separator package including pumps, control cubicles, level switches, valves and walkways.

A MACSEP oil water separator can be installed above ground or in ground flush with grade and can gravity fed or pump fed.  Where influent is pumped to an oil water separator the pump should be a slow speed non-emulsifying type  (eg helical rotor pump or diaphragm pump).

MACSEP can also supply plate packs only for retrofitting to existing oil water separators.

Large Oily Water Separator

Large Oily Water Separators