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    MACSEP manufactures and distributes its own proprietary range of small oil water separators (the MAC-SEP range). There are currently four models which range in range in size from 1,500 litres/hour to 6,000 litres/hour. 

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  • Large oil separator

    MACSEP personnel have been involved in supplying large oil separators to New Zealand and overseas clients for over 20 years.  MACSEP's large oil water separators range in size from 10,000 litres/hour to 300,000
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    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a powerful separation technique which is widely used in industrial waste water treatment. MACSEP staff have over 20 years experience in supplying DAF units into the New Zealand market.

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  • treatment plants & equipment

    MACSEP staff have been supplying equipment for treatment plants and or/designing and building treatment plants for over 20 years. Scope of works has varied from the supply of single pieces of equipment such as DAF units to complete treatment plants.
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Frost/Freeze Protection for Macsep Oil Water Separators

Macsep manufactures and distributes a range of oil water separators primarily for power industry and petroleum industry applications but also for other industries where high specification and/or high performance is required.

A recent development for Macsep’s range of small oil water separators has been an option for frost and freeze protection. A standard unit is modified by adding thermostatically controlled heat tracing, fire resistant close cell foam insulation all enclosed by an outer cladding of 304/316 stainless steel.

Not only do these additions protect against frost or freezing of the water in the oil water separator, pump and associated pipework but they also maintain the contents of the oil water separator above a minimum set temperature maintaining the separation performance of the unit.

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Twizel Substation, Otago, New Zealand (-22 degrees Celcius on June 19, 2015)