dissolved air flotation units

Chemical pre-treatment for DAFChemical pre-treatment for DAFDissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a powerful separation technique which is widely used in industrial waste water treatment.

DAF is a gravity separation process whereby the separation of two phases is achieved by increasing the specific gravity differences of the two phases. The change in the specific gravity is achieved by attaching air bubbles to the suspended particles thereby reducing their density so they float to the surface.



40 m³/h DAF - New Zealand Dairy Industry40 m³/h DAF - New Zealand Dairy IndustryThe flexibility and range of application of this technique has created an important niche for DAF systems within industry, with application ranging from food industries through to tanneries, heavy metal processing and refineries.

The use of DAF as the heart of a treatment process is both simple in application as a powerful separation technique but also complex in applying the DAF technology correctly into an overall treatment system tailored to the individual effluent type.


MACSEP staff have over 20 years experience in supplying DAF units into the New Zealand market.